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"Fruit Bat"—Crooked Timber

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I Don't Mind If It Rains A Little front cover

Fruit Bat

(Music and lyrics by Scott Ryan)

She was sure I didn't love her;
I was sure I really did.
She was crazy as a fruit bat;
I was crazy as a kid.

Well, it ended in a blowout.
That was twenty years ago,
And the reason that I say
Something on the point today
Is that it's somehow apropos.

Listen carefully to me, child:
What I tell you is the truth.
I've got angels on my side here;
All you have on yours is youth.

          If it's love you want to find,
          Put it furthest from your mind;
          You'll never get it if you try.
          Everything that you've been told,
          Every line that you've been sold,
          Every word of it's a lie.

Now don't you get the wrong idea here:
I don't mean it isn't real,
But if you want to know what love is
You shouldn't go by what you feel.

It's a river running through you;
It's a current in your soul.
You may never feel it flow;
You don't even need to know,
'Cause it's out of your control.

But it'll take you to your own place
Far across the wilderness;
You're already where you must be.
All you have to say is yes.

          You're all packed and set to blow
          But the place you need to go
          Isn't pictured on the map
          And everything you've ever thought,
          Every teaching ever taught,
          Is a total load of crap.

I didn't mean to knock your mind loose—
Well, yeah, I guess I kinda did.
I'm as crazy as a fruit bat;
You're as crazy as a kid.

I don't know if this has helped you;
I don't particularly care.
You don't need a fool's advice
To point the way to paradise
When the light is everywhere.

Just forget I brought it up, child;
It's only me and my guitar.
Only try to keep it real now
While you're becoming what you are.

          I got nothing else to say—
          Couldn't say it anyway;
          This is nothing but a song.
          If you want to free your head,
          Don't rely on what I've said;
          Every word of it is wrong.

          If you want to free your head,
          Don't depend on what I've said;
          Every word of it is wrong.