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"Darby"—Crooked Timber

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I Don't Mind If It Rains A Little front cover


(Music and lyrics by Scott Ryan)

Darby loves to crowd her limits,
Doesn't care to feel confined,
Splits the unforgiving minute;
Always something else in mind.

Press her gently with your finger;
See her skitter out of reach,
Like a drop of pure quicksilver,
Like sand eroding from the beach.


          She'd be a laser
          If she could focus,
          Burn through the bullshit,
          Lose the hocus-pocus.
          Her thoughts could pierce me
          Fired across the table
          If they were
          Aerodynamically stable.

Darby keeps a careful distance,
Always stays on red alert.
You can try approaching slowly;
Chances are you'll still get hurt.

Touch her lightly with your finger;
See her start and slip away,
Like the spring becoming summer,
Like morning going down to day.